Thursday, 27 March 2014


Twitter is one of the more well known social networks now days, however none of our FAH OUT group members had ever used the site. As part of the paper we were encouraged to sign up. Admittedly we were a little apprehensive but we soon got in to it. 

It turns out that it’s a really great way of communicating with not only our group but also other students. It was particularly interesting seeing what groups were doing and sharing ideas with them.  The hashtag : #cocasmc was great so that you could catch up on what every one was doing and see the links tutors posted.

Before this project I had never really seen hashtags as very useful, they had always been something that people just used to get likes on intsagram. When used properly hashtags are a really powerful communication tool.  In class we were also shown that if we also used the moca360 tag what we are doing can be shared with people on the other side of the world who are also doing this.

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