Thursday, 27 March 2014

WEEK ONE - Cottage Research

As a group we felt it was really important to do some background research in to the cottage if we were to capture an accurate representation of its atmosphere. 

The cottage serves as ‘a glimpse in to the lives of a pioneering family’.  Many of the original features such as the wallpaper and furniture can still be seen in the house. Wallace himself was a carpenter and built the cottage, back when immigrants arrived in New Zealand they had to survive off their skills/trades they could provide to the young colony. Carpenters were sought after so Wallace family settled in well to their new home.

The Colonial Cottage Museum is central Wellington's oldest identified building. Completed in 1858, its construction is of the late-Georgian style. Many of the older buildings in wellington were destroyed by fire or similar accidents.

 In 1857 William Wallace and his new wife Catherine ventured from England to the other side of the world where they began a new life and build a new home now know as colonial cottage. The cottage is one of many historical sights in wellington maintained by Museums Wellington.

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