Tuesday, 1 April 2014


As a group we decided that where we went wrong with our initial filming session was that we didn’t
 plan. We took it right back to basics and did a few brain storms and threw ideas around to figure out
 exactly what we wanted to capture and how we would do that.  

Our brain storm covered a range of points that include: 

- Fabrics
- Wall papers
- furniture: upholstery, decorative elements etc.. 
- the rabbit 
- sewing machine
-Children's toys

We felt that the atmosphere of the cottage could be described as being similar to a 
china doll.
It was very pretty but it also had a creepy undertone. We really wanted to convey 
this in our video
with out it coming over as too 'horror story' because thats not true to the 
Other vibes we picked up on: 
   - Dated
   -Airy ( in a slightly spooky way) 

We want the effects to reflect the atmosphere of the cottage therefore we plan on 
using very few. Because the cottage is so historical it would be strange to edit the a 
lot and drastically transform it, by keeping it simple you get and accurate representation 
of the cottage. The effects we want to look at include: 
   - Slow Motion 
   - Colour Correction 
   - Desaturation 

- Birds Eye
- Close Ups
- Panning 
- Wide (establishing) Shots 

light will play a main role in our video, we want to capture how it filters through the 
blinds etc.
The best light is either in the early morning or late after noon. Because of the 
cottage hours we decided that morning would be best. 

We want to avoid our video coming across as a music video therefore 
we are using sounds that we will record on site to make our own soundscape. 
Sounds to record: 
   - Door opening and shutting
   - Stairs Creak 
   - Foot steps

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