Wednesday, 2 April 2014


Here are a few shots of us filming on Sunday to get our footage for the final video. 
These photos mainly look at how we captured the persecutive 
of the 'garden explorer'. 

Above you can see Hannah with the phone pressed right up to her face as she 
looks through the window 'exploring' the cottage she has 'stumbled across' 

To capture this perspective we were going to tape phones to someone’s head, then we realised 
this was a bit more difficult (and uncomfortable) that we first thought. 
Instead we got Hannah to press the camera up to her eye so that the camera could 
follow her heads movements because this is key to what defines our perspective through 
out the video.

There were moment while filming when Hannah need to use both her hands that Fenella 
would take over filming.

We were lucky that it was relatively windy when we were filming so that we could get the 
weather dependent shots. Seeing as we all have longer hair we know how annoying it is when in 
blows in your face and across your eyes, it transferred really well on to film and really help to 
cement our perspective. 

Inspired by the social media aspect of our class we incorporated apps in to our filming. 
At the start to set the scene we have hannah looking on google maps to find where she is, 
and then at the end we took a shot of her sending a tweet about the 'cute cottage' she 'found'. 

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