Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Vyclone is a free app that lets to film videos, put filters on them and then merges them with other people near you. We were instructed to download and use this app by our tutor, the first film we were asked to make was of the outside of block 12. We had to try and capture as many different views of the building as possible.

We were all amazed to find that our films had been merged with fellow classmates to make a chop and change like a effect from two different angles. Having no prior knowledge of this app before that day we were impressed that a mere iPhone app was capable of such things.

As we familiarised ourselves further with vyclone we realised that you could add filter to the videos, this is a feature that Apps such as vine didn’t include. We found this helpful as you could better capture the atmosphere of what you were filming – the filters could provide a more vintage/modern/fun vibe to the videos. Another unique feature of vyclone is that you can ‘remix’ videos , change how the different videos pull together to make one.

The only issue we had with Vyclone was that because the videos could me made up to 2.30 mins long the file size is considerably larger than that of a vine video and as a result it took longer to upload. This issue wasn't helped by the unreliable wifi connection we were using.

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